Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Model Behaviour

[sticker face*]

Do you like my play on words there? I would love model behaviour from my children but this series is really about the behaviour that I model. If I want different results I've got to do things differently right?! Even Einstein said it "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Before I had children, I was desperate for something small to love and The Dog Whisperer was my favourite tv show. Cesar Milan is a master dog behaviourist, he always said I don't train dogs I train people. People thought Cesar was going to fix the behaviour of their dogs but what he did was change the way people dealt with their problem dogs. At least I know the issue is with me...

So, today... well it was a success in the fact that I didn't smack Charlie or yell. I did raise my voice though and my goodness I wanted to hit him. Charlie is just turned three and he is testing me. The day didn't feel like a success.

There was a particularly frustrating/annoying/angering period while I was trying to have a phone conversation with my brother. I guess it's that thing that as soon as you're on the phone your kids can't stand not having your attention. Charlie kept ramming me with his head, I had my hands full juggling a crying baby and the phone. It was hard to physically stop him, and of course keep talking to my brother while I ask Charlie to stop/tell him to stop. The universe is hilarious, all this happening on the phone to my brother, who has two well behaved girls. I proceeded to receive advice contrary to my aims all the while my brother can hear the chaos and how ineffective I was being. I had to laugh when I admitted that I wanted to smack Charlie and my brother said to me "you know why?? Instinct!"

Anyway, no pearls of wisdom today except that if you indicate to the universe/God your intentions, you will be given plenty of opportunities to practice.


*photo taken yesterday showing the darling cheeky spark I'm parenting

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  1. Trials and tribulations. If something is worth the effort, I am sure you will achieve it with being constant. No boundary moving. It is a hard task, but I am sure it isn't beyond you. Love from Me.