Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29: Routine


So they say. I don't know if they do, I haven't really researched this topic, but I think having some daily flow, and marker points through the day help.

When Charlie was first born, I had read quite a few books but I was totally clueless. I thought that if Charlie was tired he would go to sleep, ha! I remember being at a family reunion when Charlie was only a few weeks old, I was holding him and didn't know why he was crying. He was fed, dry, etc. My Mum told me he was tired, I didn't believe her. If he was, why didn't he just go to sleep?! She took him for me, cradled him in her arms and threw a blanket over her shoulder to shield him from the light and noise. And what do you know, just like that, he fell asleep.

I wish I had been more switched on to the whole sleep thing. I was so silly, I didn't understand the real gift of a sleeping baby... or maybe I did. I held Charlie for nearly all of his naps out of my desire to attachment parent. I didn't get anything done! I felt bad if I wanted him to have a sleep, like I was wishing him away or something. Now I know better. We didn't even put him to bed! Babies (and children) need their sleep, and sometimes they need help getting there.

All of this is a long way of saying that since Mia was born, we've been having an evening 'flow' dinner...bath...books...bed. We don't really do the books for Mia, it's more for Charlie but we put them to bed together. Anyhow, Mia goes to sleep at night much easier than I remember Charlie going down. I hope that bodes well for her as she's getting older, maybe she just hasn't gotten to that age when Charlie would just much around for ages. I hope not!

Tonight: bathing disaster! I combed conditioner through Charlie's hair as part of his nit treatment. Again he did NOT want to get in the bath. I wrangled him and ended up in the bath with my clothes on. There was no plug in, I was just using the hose to rinse his hair out, but I did get fairly wet. I yelled at him to sit down, I got a bit angry and could have been more gentle. I don't know how I should have handled it differently, though if I think about it, not yelling and keeping my calm would have been a good start. Anyway, it's done now, I didn't have the time or head space in the moment.


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  1. It would be lovely to be perfect but that is not part of the real world. I feel you did well, some times you have to force an issue, like the child and the car seat. I hope the little bitties are a done deal, Love from ME