Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doily Roundup

I've been collecting images of things made with doilies, and after finding this striking t-shirt today on Tiny Happy, one of the sweet blogs I read, I thought perhaps I might have enough for a small doily roundup.

1. And the doilies ate my sofa.. 2. DOILY DRESS cards 3. Doily clock on etsy 4. A Doily-Wrapped Vase and Flower from Country Living 5. Doily speaker on Elle Interiors 6. Vintage doily needlebooks on etsy 7. How-to doily bowl on Design Sponge 8. DIY doily bag 9. Desire Doily Clutch on etsy

There is also a tutorial for this sweet cushion update over at Smile and Wave and plenty of free crochet patterns for doilies to be had on the net.

And finally there's this cute little girls dress from Wardrobe Refashion a while back, naturally died and all.

I have been diligently collecting doilies from the op-shop and have plans to put them on a quilt. I've I ever get around to realizing this quilt, I will be sure to post it here.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Extending your normal wardrobe for maternity

I am 17 weeks along now and although not protruding in the belly area much just yet, my pants are not comfortable any more. A friend of mine showed me this trick of using a normal rubber band to extend the use of my normal jeans before having to buy maternity jeans.

 I was pretty excited to learn that I have good tummy muscles according to my chiropractor, based on the theory I haven't popped out much yet. He guessed I was 11 weeks. I am looking forward to a magnificent, obviously pregnant belly though.

Good news for pregnant mums in Oz, I've found that JeansWest now have maternity jeans, and they are only $65 (instead of $150 from maternity stores). They even had 3 varieties, boot cut, straight leg and skinny.