Thursday, April 8, 2010

Extending your normal wardrobe for maternity

I am 17 weeks along now and although not protruding in the belly area much just yet, my pants are not comfortable any more. A friend of mine showed me this trick of using a normal rubber band to extend the use of my normal jeans before having to buy maternity jeans.

 I was pretty excited to learn that I have good tummy muscles according to my chiropractor, based on the theory I haven't popped out much yet. He guessed I was 11 weeks. I am looking forward to a magnificent, obviously pregnant belly though.

Good news for pregnant mums in Oz, I've found that JeansWest now have maternity jeans, and they are only $65 (instead of $150 from maternity stores). They even had 3 varieties, boot cut, straight leg and skinny.



  1. Love the rubberband trick,practical yes,classy hmmmm..but who the heck cares right?!

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  3. The rubber band trick is a ripper! And maternity jeans are a must have - although I found that Target maternity jeans were far more comfy than the JeansWest ones (but maybe that was just me)!

    And enjoy the lack of a preggie belly - it doesn't happen the second time around when you look 6 months pregnant at 3 months (or again, maybe that was just me)!!