Sunday, September 29, 2013

31 Days

Given the sporadic nature of my blogging perhaps it's crazy to attempt to blog every day for the month of October with the Nester from Nesting Place... but I am. The idea is to blog for 31 days straight on the one topic. I didn't think I had a topic, turns out I do.

I have not been the all loving, all serene parent I would like to be. I have in fact yelled and smacked. I am not acting as I want as a person or a mother. I am trying to change my behaviour, and I'm hoping that committing to write and reflect on this issue every day for the next month will help.

I have a lot of parenting books and my plan is to pull a gem from one of them every day and report in on whether I managed to parent without losing my cool or not.


31 Days

day 1: Model Behaviour
day 2: Nonviolent Communication
day 3: Physical Closeness
day 4: To Punish or Not to Punish?
day 5: Riches of Heaven
day 6: Tantrums
day 7: I Won't Let You
day 8: I Love You Specially
day 9: Walk Away
day 10: Mitten Strings for God
day 11: Perspective 
day 12: Deserving 
day 13: Thankful
day 14: With Affection
day 15: Special 
day 16: Acknowledge Feelings 
day 17: Tired and Hungry 
day 18: Sportscasting 
day 19: Punished by Rewards
day 20: Take Time 
day 21: In Sickness 
day 22: Don't Take it Personally 
day 23: The Years are Short 
day 24: Home 
day 25: Ideal Parents  
day 26+27: Humour
day 28: Long View

day 29: Routine 
day 30: CTFD Method of Parenting
day 31: Conclusions 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ruby Photo

I was about to write that I was having one of those rare moments when Charlie isn't here and Mia isn't sleeping on me. Mia just woke up (and now days have passed since I started writing this). Anywho...

[all of us]

We had some family photos taken back in June for my parents ruby wedding anniversary. These are our first professional family photos ever.

[myself, my brother and my sister]

[my brothers two girls and our two babies]

Mum and Dad didn't want to be in the photos, they just wanted us kids and the grandies. 

I'm very happy to have some photos of my own little family, and now that I've popped the family photo session cherry I hope to do it again soon (do you think yearly is too much?). At least I hope it wont be 35 years time for my ruby wedding anniversary.

Photos taken on Herrison Island by Gary Wong. He did a great job with such a large group us and a couple of uncooperative littles.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!


Sunday, September 22, 2013


August Mosaic 2013

:: new floor
:: water tanks
:: dishwasher!!
:: picking our fixtures without fighting :)
:: new computer - hello iMac
:: realising our 'good' sleeper has turned in to a 'bad' sleeper just like her older brother at the same age
:: gastro and flu
:: more teeth, and talking

Hope August was good to you


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Check In


I've already written this post with the blogger app on my iPad but it isn't publishing. Boo. Stuck in bed nursing two babies with fevers, 38.5 and 38.6 respectively. Photos on my camera waiting patiently to be uploaded. Made Rae's Peekaboo Baby Bonnet today. Too small, must remember to uncheck scale to fit when printing next time. Going to do the next size up any way, want it to be roomy. Progress happening on the old bowling club/new house. A third birthday just celebrated.

We've had good rains this winter after a dry start so we've got happy farmers out our way. Hope you're well.


* Made from one of Charlie's birthday presents