Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 20: Take Time

[prize winners in the chook tent at the show]
[on our way home from the show]


Haha, that statement is ridiculous for being both too simplistic and also too hard at the same time. When Charlie was a baby just having a shower every second day was a major achievement. But if you can manage to put yourself on your list of priorities you would find it to be good advice. I feel like I've done nothing all day except catch up on laundry and clean the kitchen only to mess it up again cooking dinner. The kitchen is still a mess, but I sat on the couch with the Mr for an hour tonight since I'm heading back to the city again tomorrow and I couldn't face any more housework. And I'm only throwing a generic 'take time for yourself' pearl of wisdom on the blog because I am taking some time for myself! and going to bed and leaving it all for tomorrow.

Today: Two irritating moments when I could feel myself starting to get angry, but I didn't boil over. Not a major fail, or even a fail, but it feels shitty.

I must remember that I have more rope* when I've had some time for myself. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, we enjoyed going to the local ag show.


*As in I'm not at the end of my rope.


  1. Take time for yourself are moments snatched here and there, that you feel guilty about. Yes I say Ha Ha Ha to. It gets easier in one area and bursts out in another. Trials and Tribulations,
    parents need to learn as do children. Love from ME

  2. I would have thought that acknowledging the anger and not boiling over is a good success. After all, we can't be happy all the time. Have a good time in the city.