Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31: Conclusions


I was already formulating this post in my head. I thought my month long effort to stop hitting and yelling worked. Then today! Not terrible, but I found myself swipping Charlie with my foot (you might as well say kicking, but that makes me feel too awful).

I'm still going to call it a success. Despite today, I have been reacting less and being angry less. Which is nice, I hate being angry! A friend rang me at 10 o'clock last night and I answered it because I knew it must have been important to be ringing that late. She had had a tough day with her 3 year old son too and felt bad about the things she had said (verbal reactions rather than my physical ones). I knew exactly how she was feeling and it was then that I realized that I had had some success this month because I was no longer feeling that way myself.

I haven't had any major light bulb moments or anything, but I am glad to not be feeling the way I was at the start of this month. I'm looking forward to getting a bit more housework done in the evenings too now that I won't be posting every day. And I think it's not only that I'm reacting less, Charlie is giving me less to react to too. He is responding positively to my efforts. He's actually a really sweet kid, and I'm a lucky Mum.



  1. I am glad that your months effort has worked for you and your can see the results. If something is worth it can be hard work, but in the end it is easier. Love from ME.

  2. Well done on your effort. Making a change is a difficult thing to do sometimes but it's usually worth the hard work. I hope things continue to get easier. I'll miss your daily presence!

  3. What a marathon effort! Well done you. I think my favourite thing was when you said you started out trying to be an attachment parent, but are now just trying to be the best parent you can. I had not even heard of attachment parenting until someone told me that was what I was doing (in my first year as a parent - I don't think I fit into any particular box now). I don't think you can really learn to parent from a book either - it has to come from the heart. It sounds like you have a really challenging three year old there. And I think you are doing a wonderful thing working through the issues he brings up for you. Enjoy your free time in the evenings! xx (And thanks for introducing me to Aunty Leila - her housekeeping tips are just what I have been needing - large family that I now have!)

    1. Thanks Alison, Megan and Mum! Alison, I'm glad you like Aunty Leila, so much gold to be mined there :)