Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9: Walk Away

[Mia helping with the laundry]

This pearl doesn't come from anywhere in particular, but I need to remind myself. I think I'm having an anger management issue at the moment, my anger. I went from zero to insane at the squeeze of a toddlers jaw this morning. And if I need to, I should walk away to collect myself first.

Today: Fail, totally lost my cool. Charlie bit me. Not funny, but if you need something funny to lighten up all this parenting failure here is the famous "Charlie bit my finger" video.

The good news is that my girlfriend picked Charlie up just before lunch and dropped him home at tea time. My goodness I needed that break! I hope you're doing better than I am, I need a holiday :)



  1. Glad you got a bit of a reprieve yesterday. Hope today has been good to you. Try to keep smiling. Love from ME

  2. Great pearl Maggie. I've been known to close the bedroom door with the kids wailing on the other side...just to lay down on the bed and block my ears for a few moments. Cute video :)