Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Weekend

My awesome Mum came up for three days to help me get on top of our massive garden (we're on a double block). The Mr is not into gardening, and just can't muster up the motivation to help maintain a rental garden, and I just can't keep up by myself. Mum weeded (and much more, thanks Mum :) and I finally finished the rose's winter prune... in October!!

We got some cheap straw bales from the hardware and mulched the front garden beds to finish off, hopefully giving them a better time of it this summer.

We've also had to put up the mosquito nets this week. The mosquitoes are out in full force, and as of today so are the blowies. There are so many they sound like a swarm of bees!

We had a hot and windy 37'C today, feels like we've skipped spring and headed straight in to summer on days like this. I'm all caught up with the laundry - and putting it away (the part I struggle with), my garden looks a whole heck of a lot better, and I'm dead tired. I was going to say 'buggered' or 'knackered' but neither of those are nice words really, are they? Maybe I should just type and not censor myself?

Anyway, I should go tidy the kitchen before putting Charlie to bed, because no doubt that will be the end of me tonight. We're at the 29 week mark today, and only have six more weeks at home. I better get on to those projects I'd liked finished before no.2 arrives!

Hope you had a lovely and productive weekend too.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCWC update

Even though I didn't get it finished I am happy with the results of my KCWC efforts.

This little shirt just needs the neck binding and sleeve hems.


I've tried it on the little man and it fits great (it's the 2T size of the Flashback Skinny Tee).

I'm sure I would have finished it but I also had to sew our angel costumes for a party on Friday night.


Perhaps after I get the house back in order and finish the baby girl quilt I thought I still had two weeks to finish (baby arrived today - not ours) I'll get it finished.

Meanwhile, it was my birthday yesterday (36) and I really should update my profile picture. My age began with a 2 when that photo was taken...


Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm hoping this year to participate in Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge. Scrap that, I just signed up, I am participating! It starts tomorrow!

I'm travelling home tomorrow and then travelling back to Perth on Friday, so I'll only be home for 3 days of the challenge, but even that should be enough to sew one garment. If I wait till I have the time, Charlie will be grown and left home no doubt, he's 2 already and I haven't sewn him a thing! I suppose that's part of the reason it's called a challenge, we all have busy lives and it takes a conscious effort to stretch our schedules and squeeze in an hour of sewing.

I've got Rae's Flash Back Skinny Tee pattern printed out, plenty of thrifted stripey tee's to use for fabric, and with one hour per day... I might end up with... a finished tee. If not, I'll be that much closer to one.

Are you joining in too? What are you planning on making?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blog Fun

[Charlie wearing my glasses and looking like Elton John's love child]

The lovely Nicole over at Milk and Manna tagged me for a little bloggy fun. Here are her questions, and my answers...
  1. Words to live by... Love your self.
  2. Favourite song? Love Letter - Paul Kelly.
  3. Yourself in three words... lucky, closet hippy.
  4. Ocean, forest, mountain, desert? Desert.
  5. Dream destination? America.
  6. Life is too short to... Hate.
  7. Coffee or tea and how? Neither - water please.
  8. Fond memory? Giving birth.
  9. Favourite book? Like Water For Chocolate - Laura Esquivel.
  10. How did you meet your beloved? In the living room of one of my best friends (they're cousins).
  11. Last meal? Quiche and salad.
Thanks Nicole!