Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Weekend

My awesome Mum came up for three days to help me get on top of our massive garden (we're on a double block). The Mr is not into gardening, and just can't muster up the motivation to help maintain a rental garden, and I just can't keep up by myself. Mum weeded (and much more, thanks Mum :) and I finally finished the rose's winter prune... in October!!

We got some cheap straw bales from the hardware and mulched the front garden beds to finish off, hopefully giving them a better time of it this summer.

We've also had to put up the mosquito nets this week. The mosquitoes are out in full force, and as of today so are the blowies. There are so many they sound like a swarm of bees!

We had a hot and windy 37'C today, feels like we've skipped spring and headed straight in to summer on days like this. I'm all caught up with the laundry - and putting it away (the part I struggle with), my garden looks a whole heck of a lot better, and I'm dead tired. I was going to say 'buggered' or 'knackered' but neither of those are nice words really, are they? Maybe I should just type and not censor myself?

Anyway, I should go tidy the kitchen before putting Charlie to bed, because no doubt that will be the end of me tonight. We're at the 29 week mark today, and only have six more weeks at home. I better get on to those projects I'd liked finished before no.2 arrives!

Hope you had a lovely and productive weekend too.



  1. The mozzies, blowies and bushflies were all out in full force when we were up your way (in York) over the holidays. The nets sound essential. Hope you get some rest. Would love to hear your birth plan for number two. Are you heading back to the city? xx

  2. This baby will be born at my parent's house, so heading back to the city. I have to be living within the city limits at 35 weeks on the CMWA program (even though they wont birth us at home unless you make 37 weeks. But you probably already know that).
    It will be a bit of a disruption but I'm looking at it like a little holiday, with my Mum looking after me :)

    1. I thought you must be on the program again - and it is so wonderfl to already have that relationship with your midwife from when Charlie was born. I know you are supposed to be 37 weeks but I have had two babies at 36 weeks with them. How lovely that you will have your mum looking after you for those last weeks!

  3. Lovely photo of you and Charlie Madge- i love it!
    Remember when you did that gardening at my house once- that seems like ages ago and now you are pregnant and still gardening!!!
    Definately better be getting organised ASAP because life with 2 is much more fun!!! and dont even think about 3 its CHAOS!!!