Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm hoping this year to participate in Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge. Scrap that, I just signed up, I am participating! It starts tomorrow!

I'm travelling home tomorrow and then travelling back to Perth on Friday, so I'll only be home for 3 days of the challenge, but even that should be enough to sew one garment. If I wait till I have the time, Charlie will be grown and left home no doubt, he's 2 already and I haven't sewn him a thing! I suppose that's part of the reason it's called a challenge, we all have busy lives and it takes a conscious effort to stretch our schedules and squeeze in an hour of sewing.

I've got Rae's Flash Back Skinny Tee pattern printed out, plenty of thrifted stripey tee's to use for fabric, and with one hour per day... I might end up with... a finished tee. If not, I'll be that much closer to one.

Are you joining in too? What are you planning on making?



  1. Oh, I'd love to be a part of this challenge...but I'm not quick enough to sew something once a week. It's literally taken me 6 weeks to sew a dress for Skye. I'm almost there though :)

    Look forward to seeing what you create!


  2. So .... how did you go?? That pattern looks great. Kellie xx