Sunday, March 8, 2015

Camera Club

Now that Mia is 2 and I'm not worried about driving 50km's and half an hour away from her for an evening I have joined the local camera club in the next town. I am excited to be getting back in to my photography this year.

I went to my first meeting last week and it was good to hang out with other enthusiasts and get feedback from a professional photographer on the photos I submitted. Our theme for the month was water drop...

These are just a couple of instagrams of my attempts. These were taken on my big camera but I can now wifi images from my DSLR to my iPhone with the eye-fi card I got for Christmas. Fun.


I was heartened to get a silver for this photo of Mia and Pa that I submitted in the open section. The guest judge suggested photoshopping or cropping out the edge of the poster(?) at the top far right of the image. I find it hard to be objective about my own photos especially if they are of my babies, because the subject matter makes me love them regardless. I will go back and do that edit when I get a chance, I should also probably clone out that out of focus straw in the lower right too.

Our theme for next month is Mono Portrait. Just another excuse to take more photos of my babies! Which reminds me, I need to keep plugging away at last years photobook. I'm also shooting in RAW now too, so I've just subscribed to Adobe's Lightroom CC (which is bundled with Photoshop) but I haven't used it yet or done anything with my RAW files!

I hope you are all snapping a few pics of the special people in your life.