Saturday, December 29, 2012


mosaic 2012 11

:: A few hot days but pretty mild heat wise, cruel late rain for farmers
:: My pregnancy niggles disappeared and I hit my favourite time of pregnancy
:: A trip to Perth with a fun night out with our Hoorahs to Run Amuk in Fremantle for hotdogs
:: We had an awful week long bout of family gastro
:: I had my worst mummy meltdown after a failed trip to find a natural swimming spot
:: Ian and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary
:: And we fleshed out new plans for our own home for next year.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

38 Weeks

My most favourite time of being pregnant. So much more fun than trimesters one and two. I feel great, everything's stopped aching and pain-ing, even my varicose veins have improved. Now I just want baby to stay put until at least the 3rd of Jan so I can go to a family wedding :)

Ian is down with us in the city now, so that is nice, I had a lymph drainage massage this week which was also nice (part of which was because I saw my skinny ankles return) and fun and interesting was seeing a Podiatrist for the first time. I'll give you the hot tip, no 'nail technician' or beauty therapist will give your feet as good a going over as a Podiatrist.

I have a friend or two who are completely grossed out by feet, so if you are one of those, stop reading now. Otherwise, let me encourage you to go and get your feet scraped with a scalpel and sanded with a mini disc sander before your next pedi. It was so fun! I haven't followed up yet with getting a pedicure (to match my dress for the wedding of course) but my feet are ready for another year of neglect now.

I also have plans for a spray tan and getting the grey coloured out of my hair (after bub is out) and maybe an eyelash tint too, so I don't slide in to feeling like just a middle-aged milk machine in the coming months...

Any way, I hope you're ready for Christmas or at least enjoying this time of year!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Girl Quilt

For a friend who's baby is a couple of months old now.


I used mostly 4 1/2 in squares left over from all the other simple squares baby quilts I've done cut in half. It's nice to see fabrics from all the other quilts in there, and from the very first quilt I ever made!


It's been difficult to get photos with all this unseasonal rain we've had in Perth. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I don't need the summer heat at 8 months baked.


My plan for our time in Perth was making the most of the summer and hitting the beach, but really, I can hardly be bothered leaving the house. At Grandma's with the tiled floor is the best place for us at the moment anyway since we've started efforts at toilet training this week.


I dived in to my vintage sheet stash for the first time for the backing,


and used a pink polka dot for the binding which I also used on the front to make the quilt more oblong that square. I didn't use a pattern (hence the quilt originally turing out quite sqaure) but winged it with my scraps, and a natural coloured cotton.

Now I need to get on to my plans for Christmas presents. I hope your on track with your Christmas crafting!


Monday, December 10, 2012

35 Week Photo

This photo is from last week (35wks). Only one week to go till they will let me birth at home. We're due on Jan 7 but my guess is somewhere between Christmas and New Years. Charlie and I are 'living' in Perth at my parent's house now until baby arrives.

I'm feeling good, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the bloods I had taken today come back with my iron levels high enough to stay on the home birth program. The pathology guy said the colour of my blood was good, so hopefully my ferretin hasn't dropped any more and my haemoglobin stays above 100.

I am using my laptop to post this but I have been cautious about turning it on before getting it serviced. The problem now is that no-one is prepared to work on liquid damaged machines because they tend to hide corrosion problems that surface later. Seems the best advice I can get is to replace it. Accidental damage is not covered in our home contents insurance. So I think I'm just going to do very regular back ups and start saving for a newie, until this one dies.... but I don't want a new one, I love this one, just the way it is/was :(  sulking...

I do have a finished quilt to show you though!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laptop Teepee

This is what google told me to do if your laptop gets wet.

OMG! It seems Charlie is determined to destroy my beloved MacBook. After an incredibly craptacular week* I sat down with a big glass of fresh coconut water and Charlie knocked the whole thing over my laptop. To say I had a Massive Mummy Meltdown is putting it nicely. I eventually calmed down but spent the rest of the day on the verge of tears with a face that felt like it was being dragged down by lead balloons, could not crack a smile.

The good news is...

Holy shit - I'm writing this on my iPad in the dark sitting up in bed and a white tip spider just crawled over my screen. I only saw it while it was back lit on the screen. I scrambled for my phone so I could turn the torch on. Charlie is asleep next to me. I found my phone and the spider was crawling across the pillow towards my foot** there is nothing but soft backed kids books next to the bed to squash it with. That will have to do, I don't know how many times I squashed it between Dora The Explorer Goes To Play Park and the pillow before it was just about on Charlie. I suppose that's when mothers instinct stops you messing about and you squash it with your hand, enough to make it stop it for a second at least, geez that spider was tough.

It's dead now, I can go on telling you the good news...

The good news is... my laptop seems to be working fine, if a little sticky. When I go to the city this week I will take it in for a long overdue service - its first one...

I'm so not ready to head to Perth to have this baby!

Hope you've had an infinitely better week than we have


Following is mostly whinging, only read on if you want to feel better about the week you had. Though I suppose this could all be considered first world problems, I'm not starving to death.

* Ian off sick with Gastro all week and by Saturday being worse not better - me out with the gastro on Thursday and Friday - Charlie spewing in the bed on Friday night and all the extra washing that entails on top of all the washing I hadn't done since we got back from Perth last weekend - missing Ian's office Christmas party - missing the chance to say goodbye at our last playgroup - the house being a mess - Sickness and tiredness wasting my last week at home before moving to Perth for Christmas and New year and to wait for baby. Arghhh!! Talk about overwhelm!

**iPad is on pillow at head of bead, I'm sitting cross legged facing back towards the pillow.

My two sick boys

At least someone was happy having us home in bed all week, cats that just want to be close and snuggle!