Sunday, December 23, 2012

38 Weeks

My most favourite time of being pregnant. So much more fun than trimesters one and two. I feel great, everything's stopped aching and pain-ing, even my varicose veins have improved. Now I just want baby to stay put until at least the 3rd of Jan so I can go to a family wedding :)

Ian is down with us in the city now, so that is nice, I had a lymph drainage massage this week which was also nice (part of which was because I saw my skinny ankles return) and fun and interesting was seeing a Podiatrist for the first time. I'll give you the hot tip, no 'nail technician' or beauty therapist will give your feet as good a going over as a Podiatrist.

I have a friend or two who are completely grossed out by feet, so if you are one of those, stop reading now. Otherwise, let me encourage you to go and get your feet scraped with a scalpel and sanded with a mini disc sander before your next pedi. It was so fun! I haven't followed up yet with getting a pedicure (to match my dress for the wedding of course) but my feet are ready for another year of neglect now.

I also have plans for a spray tan and getting the grey coloured out of my hair (after bub is out) and maybe an eyelash tint too, so I don't slide in to feeling like just a middle-aged milk machine in the coming months...

Any way, I hope you're ready for Christmas or at least enjoying this time of year!



  1. So glad you figured out the podiatrist secret :) I see mine once a season. I can't believe I used to waste $$ on a pedicure.

    You're looking great! Happy Christmas Maggie.


  2. Hrm, maybe I'll try a podiatrist visit next time, I love going and getting pedicures!

    Also, interested to hear about your lymph draining massage. I'm wondering if it will temporarily get rid of my puffy jowlsy steroid face/neck?

    So glad you're getting in a bit of pampering while you're down here, you definitely deserve it!