Monday, February 27, 2017

January.... and February

Goodness me! Well we are well in to the new year and I have gotten out of the habit of posting without the weekly project. I am doing a 365 this year though and have not missed a day so far!

We spent a week and a half in Perth in January having a sort of holiday. We did some fun family stuff and I did three photo shoots. I'm very happy with how my photography is going and am excited to be adding to my portfolio.

February has been a pretty big deal with both my babies going to school! Mia had her first day of kindy. She waltzed in the first day and announced her arrival. She literally got to the mat and say's "I'm here!" right, party can get started then. Since then she tells me she hates school. I shouldn't be surprised, our little rooster does not like being told what to do or when to do it. Oh I knew they were going to have fun with her....

Luckily for me, I'm feeling fine about the kids being in school. Another session with my kiniesiologist has pretty well sorted me of that issue. I'm still not a huge fan of schools and think they are outdated but Charlie is loving year one and happy there. We will have to see how we go with Mia.

What I'm not feeling fine with is the idea of not staying here where we are. Over worked hubby wants to call it all quits and build a mini home and drop out.... We are giving it until the end of the year before we make any decisions but the whole up in the air-ness of it all just makes me anxious.

But I could be ready for an adventure! I just don't know!! I vacillate between the safety and security of what I know and the possibilities that life could be different and even more amazing. The issue is that I'm perfectly happy with the way things are, things could be better, but then I worry that things could be worse :| It could be wonderful living in a bus or a mini house on wheels and having more of Ian. Then again, it could suck living in such close quarters and swapping our current problems for the same problems in a another location with less space.... Gah, I do not like uncertainty. Perhaps there is my solution. We like the saying "what's in the way is the way" maybe I need to embrace the uncertainty....

I am posting this with January's photos only as having an issue with my Lightroom catalogue. I will contacting adobe again to get it sorted as soon as I have time. It will give me an excuse to post again once I have access to my photos again.

I hope the new year has been full of fun and love for you so far!