Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fountainhead We Love You

[unrelated Christmassy photo]

We've had a very significant turn of events at our place. Coming home from our caravanning holiday, which we took in a desperate attempt to help Ian's depression and things only getting worse made us realise that the doctors and their drugs were not going to help us at all (but really we already knew).

The blessing in all of this is that we found an amazing treatment/retreat centre in Queensland where Ian spent the last three weeks of November. I put one husband who was at the bottom of the pit of despair on a plane and received a non-medicated, ten kilos lighter, glad to be alive husband in return. The change in him is amazing, it's like they work magic over there, though I know Ian did the work of examining his beliefs and releasing things from his past.

We keep being told that the most important step is acknowledging you have a problem, but then what? We had the hardest time finding good help. Sending Ian to the Fountainhead Organic Retreat has been life changing for our family and though not cheap is the best money we've ever spent and worth every penny. I'm just so grateful that somebody finally helped us.

I hope you are all well and able to appreciate all that is good in your life!

much love