Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The War You Don't See

There isn't much that keeps me up till midnight these days, but John Pilger's film The War You Don't See on SBS last night had the Mr and I up to 12 o'clock when we should have been packing or sleeping.

I wish everyone would watch this doco so they could get the information they should be getting from news media but aren't. Which is exactly why I don't watch the news, because it's not really news at all. Real journalists are doing dangerous and necessary work to open our eyes to the truth behind these wars, where sadly, civilians have the highest casualties.

I have admired John Pilger since I was (thankfully) required to read A Secret Country in High School. He is my hero of journalism. If you didn't catch it last night, I can't urge you enough to watch The War You Don't See.
Here is the trailier
and you can watch the movie here online (except in Australia)


Monday, June 20, 2011

The Weekend

{new house}
{fig tree!! :)}
On Sunday we signed a lease!! After months of waiting we have found (and secured) a place to live in our new town. We will be saying goodbye to the city next weekend. I am happy things are moving along now, but in the end it all happened so quickly my head is in a bit of a spin.

I am also nervous. I know we can always move back if we don't like it, so it doesn't have to be permanent, and I've wanted to move to the country for a long time. But, I've always been a city girl, and what will it be like living 3 hours away from our friends and family? and how will we go making new friends? and not having the services etc available in the city?

Like the Mr said, "we'll just have to suck it, and see".


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

I finished this book last weekend in Geraldton. I loved it, not depressing at all, does make you a bit mad though that all of the international aid money isn't used more effectively the way Paul Polak describes. I think I may just have found where my future donation money will be going.

Crocheting a gift, it's not turning out as long as I want. I may have to rip it out and start again (for the fourth time) with different proportions. I'm using the wool I bought for this project, but didn't buy enough.

BTW the project from my last Yarn Along participation has been finished and worn and I've written out the pattern here.

edit:: oops, forgot to link so you can check out the other Yarn Alongers over at Small Things.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Weekend

Geraldton sunset

2011 0605

                                  Geraldton 171Geraldton 170
It's the weekend again already and I'm only just posting last weekend... It was the Foundation Day long weekend, and we went to the beach between Geraldton and Northampton. We stayed in a shack about a 100m from the beach on farm land of family of family.

It wasn't really beach weather but it was a fun weekend. Charlie had a playmate in the form of a little girl born exactly one week later than himself who was the perfect match for him. I enjoyed couch time embroidering a sashiko panel, Jenga is now on our to-get list, and the Canon got a workout with 3 cute babies willing to smile at me, especially Charlie sitting on his Dad's shoulders. Man I love that face.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May mosaic

1. 2011 0502, 2. 2011 0508, 3. 2011 0509, 4. 2011 0518, 5. 2011 0521, 6. 2011 0522, 7. 2011 0525, 8. 2011 0528, 9. 2011 0531

:: friends flying away
:: luxury weekend away
:: getting to jobs that have been on the to-do list for a long time
:: new shoes, new hair
:: waiting, waiting, for news of any available housing