Friday, June 25, 2010

Perth Upmarket

This Sunday

The weather has been just glorious, what could be better than strolling through awesome handmade goodness on a beautiful winters day? One of my favourite blogger/makers Two Little Banshees will be there too, I hope I'm not too shy to say hello.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Lemon Squeezy Baby Quilt

Still haven't finished the quilt for our bump yet, but I did finish this quilt yesterday with an hour and a half to spare for a friends baby shower.

And with all that time to spare I even managed a matching card (though there were no suitable wrapping supplies on hand, and it was gifted sans wrapping).

The quilt is actually 5 layers of fabric, no batting, sewn together with parallel channels. The top layers were then sliced through with a special cutter, leaving the bottom layer intact.

This is the magic tool and it was a first time date for us (I love gadgets!). The blade needed to be rotated about 5 or 6 times as it blunted quickly. I suppose it had a lot of cutting to do.

Hand basting was also done for the first time, and though it was a slow process it worked really well. There was no puckering, and with all those parallel lines of stitching it was great not to have to stop and remove pins as I went.

Looking out for somewhere more suitable to try and get full sized photos of my finished quilts now, our little balcony is not quite cutting it.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Market

Here's what I picked up at the Baby and Kids Market at South Fremantle Senior High School this morning.

30 organic cotton nappies, never used, for $100. I haven't done too much research into the cost of nappies but I think I got a bargain. How many weeks would it take to spend $100 on disposables? A quick check online has huggies newborns for $41.95 for 108 nappies, which would last about 2 to 3 weeks using approx 7 a day. Plus it would have cost me $250 to buy these new.

These nappies will be back up, for when we go out, and when DH wants to hold the baby without worry of getting messed on as we are planning to practice EC (Elimination Communication). Well, I am anyway, DH would really like it if I dropped the idea. And with EC it is always handy to have lots of cloths on hand even when they're not being used as nappies to place under baby as they sleep or for random messy mop up jobs etc, and they can also be used for burp clothes.

Today was my first time at the Baby and Kids Market, they are held regularly and there are also boy only markets too. Thanks Connie for putting me on to the markets. They'll be great after bubs arrives and we know the gender, to shop for clothes.

Actually, I think the markets are all over the country.

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Foundation Day Long Weekend

Just a couple of snaps from our super-long long weekend (DH took the Friday before and the Tuesday after off as time in lieu - he worked the last three weeks straight!).

We drove about 2000 km's around WA through the wheatbelt and the goldfields and had a great time. Move-about camping is not our usual style of camping - normally we park up and barely move, and I was excited about actually seeing stuff this time. I especially wanted to see the Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard. We didn't do the approx 2hr walk around the lake and see them all (there was quite a chill wind picking up speed over the lake) but I was satisfied.

-The pressed tin is from the shacks at the ghost town of Gwalia.
-Sandstone was a lovely tidy town.
-The main street of Leonora was blocked off for the Golden Gift - apparently some national running event.
-We enjoyed a beer at Broad Arrow (I had a lemon lime and bitters).
-Saw Ora Banda, Agnew, Mount Magnet.
-Camped at the Brewery - a man made cave in the middle of nowhere (well, it's near  Sandstone).
-Had our photo taken at London Bridge.
-And I can't forget the terror of almost getting caught with my pants down by a prospector who wandered out of the bush (really in the middle of nowhere!). I thanked whatever saint is responsible for bush squatting that I had pants up from my first location and moved!
-Plus we were very Australian and had damper from the fire. Delicious.

Hope you had a lovely long weekend.