Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Market

Here's what I picked up at the Baby and Kids Market at South Fremantle Senior High School this morning.

30 organic cotton nappies, never used, for $100. I haven't done too much research into the cost of nappies but I think I got a bargain. How many weeks would it take to spend $100 on disposables? A quick check online has huggies newborns for $41.95 for 108 nappies, which would last about 2 to 3 weeks using approx 7 a day. Plus it would have cost me $250 to buy these new.

These nappies will be back up, for when we go out, and when DH wants to hold the baby without worry of getting messed on as we are planning to practice EC (Elimination Communication). Well, I am anyway, DH would really like it if I dropped the idea. And with EC it is always handy to have lots of cloths on hand even when they're not being used as nappies to place under baby as they sleep or for random messy mop up jobs etc, and they can also be used for burp clothes.

Today was my first time at the Baby and Kids Market, they are held regularly and there are also boy only markets too. Thanks Connie for putting me on to the markets. They'll be great after bubs arrives and we know the gender, to shop for clothes.

Actually, I think the markets are all over the country.

Hope you've had a great weekend.

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