Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Foundation Day Long Weekend

Just a couple of snaps from our super-long long weekend (DH took the Friday before and the Tuesday after off as time in lieu - he worked the last three weeks straight!).

We drove about 2000 km's around WA through the wheatbelt and the goldfields and had a great time. Move-about camping is not our usual style of camping - normally we park up and barely move, and I was excited about actually seeing stuff this time. I especially wanted to see the Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard. We didn't do the approx 2hr walk around the lake and see them all (there was quite a chill wind picking up speed over the lake) but I was satisfied.

-The pressed tin is from the shacks at the ghost town of Gwalia.
-Sandstone was a lovely tidy town.
-The main street of Leonora was blocked off for the Golden Gift - apparently some national running event.
-We enjoyed a beer at Broad Arrow (I had a lemon lime and bitters).
-Saw Ora Banda, Agnew, Mount Magnet.
-Camped at the Brewery - a man made cave in the middle of nowhere (well, it's near  Sandstone).
-Had our photo taken at London Bridge.
-And I can't forget the terror of almost getting caught with my pants down by a prospector who wandered out of the bush (really in the middle of nowhere!). I thanked whatever saint is responsible for bush squatting that I had pants up from my first location and moved!
-Plus we were very Australian and had damper from the fire. Delicious.

Hope you had a lovely long weekend.


  1. What a fantastic road trip! I love the pressed tin and would love to see the lake sculptures which i've seen photos of :-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging words about continental knitting! Susie

  2. these are wonderful shots! i love your eye. hope you are enjoying your weekend:)