Monday, June 21, 2010

Lemon Squeezy Baby Quilt

Still haven't finished the quilt for our bump yet, but I did finish this quilt yesterday with an hour and a half to spare for a friends baby shower.

And with all that time to spare I even managed a matching card (though there were no suitable wrapping supplies on hand, and it was gifted sans wrapping).

The quilt is actually 5 layers of fabric, no batting, sewn together with parallel channels. The top layers were then sliced through with a special cutter, leaving the bottom layer intact.

This is the magic tool and it was a first time date for us (I love gadgets!). The blade needed to be rotated about 5 or 6 times as it blunted quickly. I suppose it had a lot of cutting to do.

Hand basting was also done for the first time, and though it was a slow process it worked really well. There was no puckering, and with all those parallel lines of stitching it was great not to have to stop and remove pins as I went.

Looking out for somewhere more suitable to try and get full sized photos of my finished quilts now, our little balcony is not quite cutting it.


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  1. I read about your blanket some time ago when I made my 1st chenille blanket. Now I'm making another & revisiting your site. I also love gadgets & still unsure about this one. Really loved your blankets wished there were more pics. With using 5 fabrics instead of 4 did you feel it made that big of a difference? Would u stick with 5 fabrics if you make another? I'm also interested if you would share about the blanket edging & what approach you used. Your blanket also looks much bigger than what I've seen, what size fabric did you choose to use? I'm sorry to ask so many questions. The first time I read your story, I was still left hungry for more info, lol. You have such a clean way of sewing I really admire. Your choice of color looks so warm, comfortable & inviting. Thank you for sharing your work, I have really enjoyed it.