Thursday, February 26, 2015

Imogen's Quilt


This little quilt is all washed and crinkly and ready to be delivered to it's intended, who is almost but not quite one! I have another just the same but with different fabrics basted and ready for quilting too. The intended for that quilt has turned one already however... Perhaps I shouldn't mention that Charlie's quilt top is ready for basting and this year he is turning 5! I have the backing and binding ready to go but have just had a thought that I might piece a block for the back if I can find one of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon (rem, nope nothing like that out there, probably for the best!).

I let my friend pick out the fabrics so I can't take credit there. I did choose the pre made Liberty binding though and found I couldn't run my needle along the fold like I normally do and had to do little catching stitches, so as sweet as it is I think I'll stick to making my own.