Thursday, December 31, 2009


DH and I went and saw Avatar on cheap tuesday with friends. DH had already seen it with a mate and said we'd definitely be buying it as soon as it is available, so I knew he loved it, and then I LOVED IT! such a great movie, and the imagery is amazing. So much detail in the animation, so much that it doesn't even feel like animation.

Really, if you haven't seen it yet, do your self a favour, grab your date or best mate, your kids, your parents, anybody and go SEE it! in 3D if you can spring for it.

And Happy New Year


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eye Mask

These are also a Christmas present which I must wrap so I can give belatedly tonigh.

They are for a friend's husband who's current favourite eye mask is really beyond its last legs. The elastic has lost its stretch and has been knotted so tight it gives him a headache while he sleeps. I feel my stroke of genius came when I sewed in the ribbon, so when this elastic looses it stretch it should be an easy operation to cut it out and add new.

If I'd thought about it while I was making them I would have photographed each step and posted a tutorial. It may happen yet, when I was trying it on last night to show DH he requested one for himself, so looks like there will be another in the making.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Christmas is now over and I can show you what I was making.

This is the Pretty Ditty Apron by Jamie Christina (who I've gushed about before) modelled by its new owner. I bought the pattern a few months ago and this is my first attempt. I have to say I love the way it turned out, and I love the colours together.

I made the reversible option so it is quite substantial and would just about keep you warm in winter. I haven't sewn gathers before and they did trip me up a couple of times, but I think they are so worth it and really what makes this apron.

I will definitely be making this pattern again, my SIL saw it before it was wrapped (actually she wrapped it beautifully for me - thanks Lili) and wants one, and hopefully I'll get around to making one for myself. Once I traced the pattern and cut out the fabric it took me two solid days of sewing. Now that I'm familiar with the pattern I'm expecting I'd be able to crank one out in a day if I really applied myself.

In other Christmas crafting news the nieces liked their dresses and both would have been worn on the day except that I didn't make the head hole big enough on the little one. I also half finished a crochet necklace for one SIL (which I will post when finished) and I made a pin cushion for my other SIL (which I forgot to photograph).

I hope you all had safe and happy Christmas's


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fertility Friend

You wouldn't be able to tell that Christmas was approaching from my blog posts (except for the 2 Christmas present dresses) but now that it is the day before Christmas (Christmas Eve Day?) I really am quite excited.

Another thing I am really very excited about is my new friend - I posted early on that DH and I are wanting to start our family. No luck just yet, and I was starting to get a little concerned, then I found this online resource that makes your charting pretty effortless (it does it for you), and gives you a little lesson in your inbox for 20 days. Now I know what I'm looking for and what it means. I feel so happy that I've seen my chart follow the 'normal' pattern, am much more aware of our fertility window and can plan accordingly.

And not to worry if your chart is less than normal, fertilityfriend can still analyse your data and give advise of your most fertile days. So if anyone else out there has been trying to fall pregnant and wants to know a little more about their fertility cycle I highly recommend this tool. It's given me renewed confidence and great information. Happy baby making and Merry Christmas.


Friday, December 18, 2009

baby jumpers

Cute little jumpers that are both ready to be given to the OT department of my old university. They are collecting them for what they call 'fish & chip' babies in Africa, the story will break your heart. Apparently there is a practice of sending home poor babies (a lot of them with AIDS) wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm because there is no clothing for them, hence the name fish & chip babies.

Part of me can't believe that one of the most precious things in this world, new born human life, is being sent home in newsprint. I hope the little ones that get sent home in these woolly jumpers can feel the love that went into every stitch. My Mum and my sister are making little jumpers as well, if anybody wants the details, I can send the pattern and the story. They are very easy and quick to knit up in 8 ply, totally suitable for the beginner, its also a good chance to use some bright colours, because that is specifically what's being asked for.


Friday, December 11, 2009

bug catcher

well, even though it doesn't feel like summer over here on the west coast, the flies have arrived. I love leaving the door to the balcony open, but I think it is now time to firmly close the security fly-screen.

I don't appreciate flies in the house, yet I wont spray chemicals into my breathing space and I can't bring myself to kill them anyway. We do have a fly swatter, which hubby will wield while I try to catch and release (he is trying to kill, not sheppard them over my way).

This was one lucky fly I caught yesterday, now I just have to catch his friend. My bug catching equipment of choice is an old plastic container from a (16?) pack of ferrero rocher. It works surprisingly well, the trick is to remember that flies will jump up and back before flying off, so aim for that spot above them/or to the side which ever it may be and you will have so much more luck.

I hope the photo wasn't too much of an icky shock

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade Christmas present No.2


Now niece no.1 is taken care of as well. This was a pillowcase, but I forgot to take a before picture. A very simple refashion.

I simply cut off the edge flanges, sewed side seams, hemmed the bottom, made a casing for the elastic around the chest and use the material from the flanges to make the shoulder straps. I also used the material from the  flap on the back of the pillowcase to make the little shoulder ruffle.

I think the shoulder ruffle is my favourite part. But I also like the embroidery and the little pleats with the ribbon, and the lovely linen fabric, which is why I picked it up from the op-shop. This is the first ruffle I have ever made, I made my own little template and everything. I loved them so much before the elastic was inserted into the straps. They just looked so sweet. For some reason they don't have the same appeal to me with the elastic in.

But this is a Christmas present, and we'll have to wait for a fitting, so I thought the elastic would allow for less precise sizing and help the shoulder straps stay up. Nothing worse than having to keep pulling your straps up when you're running around having a good time.

I hope you are getting through any handmade gifts you have on your list.


Monday, December 7, 2009

For an hour on the weekend

I sat by the river, chasing the shade across the beach, while DH chased the wind with his kite. I have to say, he is getting very good.

This is only one of the books I took with me. Also in the pile were Alice in Wonderland, which I am reading for the first time for our newly formed book club. You just never know exactly what you might feel like reading, so a treck down the beach with a bag that is unnecessarily heavy it is...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handmade Christmas Present No. 1

I really better get a wriggle on if I want to make everything on my list. I have at least finished one thing, and I just have to attach shoulder straps to Handmade Christmas Present no.2 for niece no.1.

this cute little number is for niece no.2. It started life as an op-shop pillowcase. The elastic button close and vintage button are both from my Mum's stash. How I love that button. This took me so much longer than it should have, but I work like that. Slow and Steady! I posted it previously here and here.

You know, I think these may actually be the first pockets I've ever made, so I used this pocket tutorial by Made by Rae. I'm very happy with them, I cant decide if they are my favourite thing about the dress, or that adorable button, or the binding. I just love the whole thing, but that button makes me smile on the inside (and outside) every time I see it.

Dress no.2 coming soon (I hope)