Friday, December 11, 2009

bug catcher

well, even though it doesn't feel like summer over here on the west coast, the flies have arrived. I love leaving the door to the balcony open, but I think it is now time to firmly close the security fly-screen.

I don't appreciate flies in the house, yet I wont spray chemicals into my breathing space and I can't bring myself to kill them anyway. We do have a fly swatter, which hubby will wield while I try to catch and release (he is trying to kill, not sheppard them over my way).

This was one lucky fly I caught yesterday, now I just have to catch his friend. My bug catching equipment of choice is an old plastic container from a (16?) pack of ferrero rocher. It works surprisingly well, the trick is to remember that flies will jump up and back before flying off, so aim for that spot above them/or to the side which ever it may be and you will have so much more luck.

I hope the photo wasn't too much of an icky shock

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