Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fertility Friend

You wouldn't be able to tell that Christmas was approaching from my blog posts (except for the 2 Christmas present dresses) but now that it is the day before Christmas (Christmas Eve Day?) I really am quite excited.

Another thing I am really very excited about is my new friend - I posted early on that DH and I are wanting to start our family. No luck just yet, and I was starting to get a little concerned, then I found this online resource that makes your charting pretty effortless (it does it for you), and gives you a little lesson in your inbox for 20 days. Now I know what I'm looking for and what it means. I feel so happy that I've seen my chart follow the 'normal' pattern, am much more aware of our fertility window and can plan accordingly.

And not to worry if your chart is less than normal, fertilityfriend can still analyse your data and give advise of your most fertile days. So if anyone else out there has been trying to fall pregnant and wants to know a little more about their fertility cycle I highly recommend this tool. It's given me renewed confidence and great information. Happy baby making and Merry Christmas.


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