Thursday, August 20, 2009

Juice Fasting

So this is what I'm drinking this week... organic, freshly made at home juice. I'm on day 4 of a juice fast and planning to go for at least 7. I feel fine so far, no detox symptoms or anything, maybe a little tired.

This is all in aid of cleaning out my body in preparation for growing a little one. That's right, the mr and I are planning a family :) I'll be 33 in October, so all going best I'll be 34 and a first time mother, a whole 10 years older than my mother was when she had me. Though if i wait until I'm 36 the newborn would be born in the year of the dragon, same as mum and I....


  1. Hats off to you! I tried fasting once but only lasted 3 days. What kind of recipe did you use for the juice?
    Best of luck with 'operation baby', how exciting ;-)

  2. Hi Ida

    wow, my first comment, thankyou :)
    I didn't use any recipe for my juice, but used up what I had in the fruit bowl or in the fridge. We have an overload of mandarins at the moment from the neighbours tree, so there was a lot of that. And I always put it some ginger and celery. Apart from that, was apples, carrot, pineapple, watermelon and greens like coriander or kale (not all at the same time) today I had parsley and it was delicious.

    I stopped fasting on Sunday, I don't know if I anything happened, I didn't have any major detox symptoms, but I did lose a couple of kilos! and I'm very happy to be back at my early uni days weight :)