Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleaning for the cleaner

2012 0722

I have never had a cleaner before but the hubby is generously springing for one to help me out once a fortnight. She is coming tomorrow to see the house, so today I am trying to catch up on some cleaning so as not to scare her off!

I have started the remedial pruning of the two big (huge!) standards we have out front, I didn't quite make it to them last year after pruning the other 30 bushes in the same bed. These little pinkies were rescued from the prunings.

Do you have a cleaner? Have you ever used one. Was it the best thing ever, or did you end up cleaning before they came?


Tuesday, July 3, 2012








 2012 0624IMG_4427

The last couple of weekends have been full and wonderful. My brother and his family came and spent the weekend just gone. They were sick but didn't want to cancel as it was their first visit and we've already past our one year anniversary here.

My SIL was quite happy with the old bottles my brother picked up at a farm dump when the boys were out collecting fire wood. She also loves a market and luckily the monthly Nungarin Markets were on on Sunday. We saw a pet sheep following its owner about, a joey in a bag and roosters for sale. 

Last weekend we celebrated a fun 60th birthday at Kokerbin Rock (Australia's third largest monolith). We climbed to the top and released 60 pink and silver balloons.  We also enjoyed our first dinner out on a farm with another young family which I hope we do again soon.

I hope your weekends have been fun too.