Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleaning for the cleaner

2012 0722

I have never had a cleaner before but the hubby is generously springing for one to help me out once a fortnight. She is coming tomorrow to see the house, so today I am trying to catch up on some cleaning so as not to scare her off!

I have started the remedial pruning of the two big (huge!) standards we have out front, I didn't quite make it to them last year after pruning the other 30 bushes in the same bed. These little pinkies were rescued from the prunings.

Do you have a cleaner? Have you ever used one. Was it the best thing ever, or did you end up cleaning before they came?



  1. Hey hope you are well! I have a cleaner and love her! I think its funny how we clean up before they come but its my way of getting organised! Let me know when we can next catch up! talk soon Mel.

  2. I have had a cleaner twice - once after Darcy was born and again after Grant's accident. They were a gift from family and friends to help me get through a difficult time of transition and they were a blessing. Oh to have one all the time! Your roses are glorious. xx

  3. Hello Maggie, I found your blog via Alison. So nice to find another West Australian blog :) After my second one was born, we were given a cleaner as a present (once a week for a month). It was amazing. Our house would have gone into chaos otherwise. After that month, she kept coming once a fortnight and now I'm back to vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms that things are a bit easier.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Beautiful photos here and lovely blog.