Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Project 52, Week 51

We've rounded the last corner and we're almost there!! It's the last week of the year. Last week was good fun, we had Vac Swim so were at the pool every day and we had Christmas, best day of the year according to the kids :)

We also had a summer storm which knocks out the power very reliably for few hours every time we get summer rain. That was fun on Christmas Eve, luckily I wasn't hosting anything and not trying to cook!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with people you love.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Project 52, Week 50

Week 50 was the last week of school. The Kindy/Pre-Primary Christmas Concert, and the start of Vac Swim and the school holidays. I've enjoyed it immensely. I think I will mandate that we always stay home for that first week after school finishes for the year and just chill out and go to swimming lessons. I actually feel like I'm on holidays, probably for the first time since having kids. 

And we had a lovely visit from Grandma. Here we are at the kindy concert a year apart. My babies getting taller and taller.

Merry Christmas and much love xxx


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Project 52, Weeks 48 + 49

How are these weeks going by so fast?! All the end of year events piling on top of each other I guess. In the last two weeks We've had our 8 year wedding anniversary, a family reunion, a Christmas lunch and our last trip to the city for the year. I spent our anniversary in bed with some sort of virus so no romantic lunch for us.

I'm feeling  pretty Christmassy though because I got the tree up on Dec 1st and the kids have diligently decorated it. Most people that see it start twitching and want to redistribute the baubles. If I had more energy after that virus perhaps I would too but the rest of the house is such a mess a kiddy decorated tree is the least of my worries! At least the hubs finally has jocks and socks in his drawer now and I only need to find clean school short for three more days :). Don't feel too badly for hubs, he always had clean smalls available he just had to go to the spare room to find them. We had a power out yesterday for 6 hours from summer rain so I had nothing else to do but sit down and pair all the socks!

I hope you're all ready for Christmas and your tree is uniformly decorated!!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Project 52, Weeks 46 + 47

Another two for one... Want to hear my excuse?? Writing my blog post was on my list of things to do for Thursday, and then my phone was stolen. Writing that out now makes that excuse look as lame as the dog ate my homework. I was happy to wait for a new phone to be posted out to me, but we're oh so modern here that we don't have a landline and Hubs said I couldn't be home with the kids without a phone. So an unscheduled trip to Perth put a bit of a hole in my week.

Hmm so what was I up to two weeks ago?! I had my hands x-rayed and I got my blood test results back from the doctor. My friends bullied me in to having blood tests and seeing the doctor because they worry I have some awful terminal disease making me tired and giving me bruises. Everything came back clear. I knew it would, and felt like the doctor would be a waste of time but it's nice to have friends that care. At least the doctor was able to confirm that the arthritis in my fingers is only garden variety osteoarthritis and not rheumatoid like I feared. I'm still not happy about having arthritis in my hands at 40, and even though it is visible to the naked eye seeing it on the x-ray made it somehow more real. So doing my best to cut out sugar and wheat to reduce inflammation. If you have any hot tips on reversing arthritis let me know!

We had Mia's kindy orientation. She loved it and told me the next day she isn't going to miss me :)
Then I had a planned trip to Perth for book club (we read All The Light We Can Not See). Then last week we had a trip to the local hospital to remove another "gem" from Mia's ear (the second in as many weeks)... And of course the stolen phone. In looking for silver linings I was able to buy a Christmas tree while on that unplanned trip to the city. You need a good and bushy tree for Christmas photos.

I'm going to perfect the magic book photo this year. Look at that mean and spindly tree from last year, you can see right through it!

Looks like I need to get that son of mine in my frame more often too judging my the saturation of Mia in this post.

May your electronics stay safe, or at least insured!