Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Project 52, Weeks 48 + 49

How are these weeks going by so fast?! All the end of year events piling on top of each other I guess. In the last two weeks We've had our 8 year wedding anniversary, a family reunion, a Christmas lunch and our last trip to the city for the year. I spent our anniversary in bed with some sort of virus so no romantic lunch for us.

I'm feeling  pretty Christmassy though because I got the tree up on Dec 1st and the kids have diligently decorated it. Most people that see it start twitching and want to redistribute the baubles. If I had more energy after that virus perhaps I would too but the rest of the house is such a mess a kiddy decorated tree is the least of my worries! At least the hubs finally has jocks and socks in his drawer now and I only need to find clean school short for three more days :). Don't feel too badly for hubs, he always had clean smalls available he just had to go to the spare room to find them. We had a power out yesterday for 6 hours from summer rain so I had nothing else to do but sit down and pair all the socks!

I hope you're all ready for Christmas and your tree is uniformly decorated!!


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  1. Glad to hear all is sort of good. Pity about the bed instead of the lunch, these things sometimes happens.
    The Christmas tree is something that I never enjoyed doing, but this year it was a pleasure to do. I was never really happy with the end product, not that it really mattered and I got used to it by Christmas any way. : )
    Cheers, love from ME