Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eye Mask

These are also a Christmas present which I must wrap so I can give belatedly tonigh.

They are for a friend's husband who's current favourite eye mask is really beyond its last legs. The elastic has lost its stretch and has been knotted so tight it gives him a headache while he sleeps. I feel my stroke of genius came when I sewed in the ribbon, so when this elastic looses it stretch it should be an easy operation to cut it out and add new.

If I'd thought about it while I was making them I would have photographed each step and posted a tutorial. It may happen yet, when I was trying it on last night to show DH he requested one for himself, so looks like there will be another in the making.



  1. Genius idea to not sew in the elastic and use a ribbon thingo instead - you're one clever cookie! Great to see the recipients enjojoying their lovely gifts.

  2. oh awesome! I'd be really interested in trying to make one if you were able to post a tutorial? thanks :)