Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yarn Along

Ginny over at Small Things has started a new meme - Yarn Along, a photo of what you're reading and knitting/crocheting.

I have the granny shrug by Kootoyoo on the hook at the moment (it's been on there for a while), and I'm reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, trying to get a little insight into the sleeping habits and needs of babies.

Aparrently the wee man could be giving me another 5 to 6 hours a day to catch up on sleep and housework (16-17 hours a day instead of 12). Things have gotten better though and I think 5 years of night-shift at the Mail Exchange are finally paying dividends.

Pop over to Small Things to check out other crafty readers.



  1. You project looks like it is going to be beautiful! I am going to pass on the book idea to my son. He has two little ones who could both give their parents a little more sleep! :)

  2. I just ordered that book. I'm on baby #3 (due at Christmas). We have always co-slept and nursed for a long time...I will read the book to see what they say. I'm just such a softie and love cuddling with my babies.

  3. wonderful pattern! I need that book too!

  4. The shrug looks great. I love the colour. I found this book to be helpful when my youngest was just a wee one who didn't like to sleep as much as his older brother had.

  5. Its going to be beautiful! I am on sleep catch up right now, and years of sleep deprivation are just not helping...but a glass of tea is! I hope you feel rested soon!

  6. I love the shrug. How hard is that pattern?? I will check it out!!
    Good luck on your finding those extra hours..that will be a GREAT blog post to celebrate!!

  7. That book is the bomb. It has been a tremendous help to me and my 3 little people. I haven't delved into your blog too much - but when you get a moment - get yourself a copy of Buddhism for Mothers. Superb reads.

    Well done on your little man. He is divine. Welcome to this special world of motherhood.

    xx Amy

  8. That is the cutest idea for a meme.
    Reading and crochet are two of my favourite things.

  9. Ohhh, I'm gonna have to re-read that one. I dont' remember it anymore and could use it for the new baby. Love the color you are knitting with and yes, "Modern TopDown Knitting" looks sooooo good! I was impressed as well with the amount of good patterns in it! Happy Weekend!