Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: Riches of Heaven

[Charlie kissing the bride at the Vietnamese tea ceremony]


Does it say that somewhere in the bible? I thought it did, but I've just googled it and couldn't find a reference. Surely I'm not making up sayings from the bible. Anyway, I'm pretty sure it says something to that effect somewhere in the bible. I think it's beautiful. I also think it's true.

Having children is hands down the best thing I've ever done. I am so grateful I've had a chance to experience being a mother and for the two beautiful tender hearts the universe has sent their father and I (who I am also grateful for!).

So today's post isn't really a pearl of wisdom, more an encouragement, a reminder. As testing as children can be at times, I never want to forget just how lucky we are. And we are! So lucky!

[Mia finally asleep at the reception]

Today: We've been out the door since 8.30 this morning attending two wedding ceremonies and receptions. I'm scraping this post in just before midnight and only because we left early after the music got too loud for Mia. I didn't get mad at Charlie all day, I did start to though when he wouldn't stop licking me as I was trying to get ready. What is it with licking at the moment? And Mia was totally adorable all day. We had to keep her with us for the afternoon/evening wedding because it would have been too long to leave her. She slept on me in the ergo from around 8pm and before that she was so happy and cute she was making ovaries explode at 100 paces. A happy day.


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  1. So true...I count my blessings everyday for the 3 beautiful healthy children i have!