Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ruby Photo

I was about to write that I was having one of those rare moments when Charlie isn't here and Mia isn't sleeping on me. Mia just woke up (and now days have passed since I started writing this). Anywho...

[all of us]

We had some family photos taken back in June for my parents ruby wedding anniversary. These are our first professional family photos ever.

[myself, my brother and my sister]

[my brothers two girls and our two babies]

Mum and Dad didn't want to be in the photos, they just wanted us kids and the grandies. 

I'm very happy to have some photos of my own little family, and now that I've popped the family photo session cherry I hope to do it again soon (do you think yearly is too much?). At least I hope it wont be 35 years time for my ruby wedding anniversary.

Photos taken on Herrison Island by Gary Wong. He did a great job with such a large group us and a couple of uncooperative littles.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!


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  1. Great photos. I love those sepia toned ones of just you guys. Gorgeous! Yearly could get expensive but it would be nice to look back on them all. We had our first ever family photos done when I was 19 and haven't had them done again since.