Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Check In


I've already written this post with the blogger app on my iPad but it isn't publishing. Boo. Stuck in bed nursing two babies with fevers, 38.5 and 38.6 respectively. Photos on my camera waiting patiently to be uploaded. Made Rae's Peekaboo Baby Bonnet today. Too small, must remember to uncheck scale to fit when printing next time. Going to do the next size up any way, want it to be roomy. Progress happening on the old bowling club/new house. A third birthday just celebrated.

We've had good rains this winter after a dry start so we've got happy farmers out our way. Hope you're well.


* Made from one of Charlie's birthday presents


  1. I am impressed with the dog. : ) Hope good health returns soon to the little ones. Luv from me.

  2. Oh no, hope the sick one are already on the mend. What a pity about the bonnet. I'm sure it will fit someone though, off to the present box for a newborn. On the plus side, a practice run will mean you'll be an expert on the next one.