Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doily Roundup

I've been collecting images of things made with doilies, and after finding this striking t-shirt today on Tiny Happy, one of the sweet blogs I read, I thought perhaps I might have enough for a small doily roundup.

1. And the doilies ate my sofa.. 2. DOILY DRESS cards 3. Doily clock on etsy 4. A Doily-Wrapped Vase and Flower from Country Living 5. Doily speaker on Elle Interiors 6. Vintage doily needlebooks on etsy 7. How-to doily bowl on Design Sponge 8. DIY doily bag 9. Desire Doily Clutch on etsy

There is also a tutorial for this sweet cushion update over at Smile and Wave and plenty of free crochet patterns for doilies to be had on the net.

And finally there's this cute little girls dress from Wardrobe Refashion a while back, naturally died and all.

I have been diligently collecting doilies from the op-shop and have plans to put them on a quilt. I've I ever get around to realizing this quilt, I will be sure to post it here.



  1. Oooh, doilies!!! I have a serious love affair with them too :-) The doily couch is so so pretty!!

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  3. Nice! When I had my little crafty business I used to make bowls with pieces of doilies, like collages. They were always sold out! I admire your idea of a whole quilt! That ammount of work on a single item sounds scary to me. :-)

  4. LOVE the shape of that chair. wonderful!

    xo Alison

  5. Ah, you just set my fantasy spinning there... lace-covered speakers... hmmm (I've wanted to paint the speakers themself bright white for a while now), and a doily-covered quilt, I love that idea! Though I've only got two of them, of which I cut one in pieces yesterday (had a doily-brainstorm-session including old clothes and my dress-form. Didn't become much smarter than before, but maybe...).
    Another thing to collect, huh.