Monday, May 3, 2010

baby booties

After a bit of a rough weekend I allowed myself to stay in bed this monday morning. After completely clearing out my blogreader, I had a trawl through Ravelry looking for baby knitting patterns. Look what I found, something quick and easy, just what I needed.

I made these in no time flat. How cute are they? you should see how tiny they are. I haven't been up close and personal with too many new-borns, but I suspect these will fit for about a week. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here.



  1. Hi there Pearl!
    Have just met your blog via Nan at rummage - it is lovely and I think your knitted boot-ettes are very sweet!
    Please do tell where you got your fabulous woven asian shop floor mat - I am in Perth (now) and searching hi and lo!

  2. Hi! I love rummage's blog. I got the floor mat from the GAIAM catalog. It is made from mostly recycled plastic so can be used outdoors, ours is out on the balcony. Here is the link

  3. Oh my gahd those booties are just too cute Margs. Ooh tiny feet!!

  4. adorable! i need to learn how to knit. i just spent way too much on some knitted bows.