Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space

One finished Oliver + S Bubble Dress! Technically I suppose this dress is no longer in my creative space today, but with its new owner, my adorable niece.

I bought the pattern a while ago and this is my first go at it. I thrifted the fabric from the op-shop, I think it may have been a table cloth, just a rectangle of fabric with hemmed edges.

Ignore the wetness on the sleeves (I had just washed off the fabric pen) and hopefully you didn't notice, but there are a couple of little holes in the fabric I didn't see till after I had cut out the pattern. It was really a test run anyway to see if the size was right, and the happy little recipient hasn't picked them up. This is the size 5, little miss is six but she is a petite kid. Next time I might try the size 4 for her, maybe just the bodice, you can see it is big at the arm hole and through the chest, though this should work well for the winter so she can wear it with a skivvy and tights.

Little miss picked out the perfect buttons from Granma's (my Mum) button tin, I love them, and I learned to use the auto button hole stitch on Granma's machine. So cool! Oh, and I was run all over the street in our little modeling session, someone enjoyed it very much.

Quite a few of my favourite blogs (like Rummage, Myrtle and Eunice, Raglan Guld, thrift. nest. sew., julie kundhi, dearfii and clutterpunk) join in the Creative Spaces fun over at Kootoyoo (another favourite) regularly, this is my first 'Creative Space' pop on over and check out the players this week.



  1. Thats a great refashion!! table clothes make the best dresses!!

    xo Steph

  2. I love it. Super pretty!
    I think I need to have an op-shop-shopping session on saturday.
    As for the size of the dress, if she's anything like my niece (who's a petit one too) she'll grow into it in a second, I tried a dress prototype on her in february, finished it in april, sent it to her and can tell from the pictures it's a tad too small. It wasn't in february, not the least.
    Which means I need to make another one :-)

  3. Gosh, I love the apples! Sweet as pie! Wendy xx