Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm currently working on finishing this candlewick embroidery that I started, oh, about 15 years ago after taking a candlewick embroidery class, this may just be the oldest WIP in my pile! I don't know how it could possibly have hidden in there for so long and I am really looking forward to having it out of my to do pile, finally! I am trying to finish things before the baby arrives, or at least realize what I will never finish/have no desire to finish, and get rid of them.

I have another square exactly the same already finished, originally going to be cushion covers I now have plans to make them up in to a baby quilt top. I have a first time mumma due in 8 weeks in mind as the recipient, however I'm not making any promises just in case I love it too much to give away after all these years.

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  1. Very pretty! I did some candlewicking about 15 years ago...still have a candlewicked pillow I made. I think your squares will look great in a quilt top, but I think I'd want to keep them for myself after having them for so many years.

  2. It looks gorgeous!
    I wish thay I could do something like that.
    Huge compliments
    Enjoy your day