Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now We Are Four

[sleeping babe and proud Dad]

The waiting and wondering are over. Little Mia was born at quarter to midnight last night, at home (my parent's home) in the birth pool. I am feeling very well compared to how I felt after wee man was born. I can stand up without going faint! I can walk to the toilet, and have a shower!! Luxury :)

She is a beautiful little blessing of cherubic proportions at almost 10 pounds (9lb 15oz!)

I am falling in love all over again.



  1. Oh wonderful, wonderful news! Welcome precious baby Mia and well done Maggie. What a hefty girl to push into the world! She is just beautiful and that photograph with her Dada is exquisite. Soak up that newborn bliss! With much love. xxx

  2. Congratulations Maggie :D
    Mia looks like a little cherub.
    Oh, these are happy days with a new little love!