Monday, January 7, 2013

Year in Review

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2012 was a mostly happy year though we did seem to attend an inordinate amount of close family funerals. We're hoping for births only this year, starting with the birth of our second baby any day now.

A year of being pregnant (and not feeling the best for the first two trimesters, morning sickness and painful varicose veins I'm looking at you) I feel fantastic now though and would happily swap the last month of being pregnant for the whole nine months.

A year of planning our house and then shelving those plans and putting together another idea. Will let you know if plan number two goes ahead. Gosh I'd really love to be in our own home again before next Christmas.

A year with some ongoing family tensions. We're playing Sweden at our house though.

A year of kinda getting my shiz together a bit more as far as keeping house and organising goes ( I can't take all the credit, having the bathroom and floors done once a fortnight helps).

A year of moderate crafting, not too much achieved but some old projects further along, two(?) baby quilts, my massive denim quilt (yet to be blogged, needs more quilting before washing I've been advised), a couple of gifts, and lots of planning and dreaming on Pinterest. Last year my motto was "I'm a finisher" I'm going to continue with that thought this year and try and finish more projects than I start.

I hope you can look back on 2012 with fondness too. I'd love to hear any of your highlights, or challenges.


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