Monday, January 14, 2013

41 Weeks

And baby is still on the inside! I am comfortable and happy to be carrying, but I am getting homesick after being away for six weeks, and the thought of having a hospital birth if I go past 42 weeks is quite upsetting.

We went for a family walk after dinner last night to hopefully get things moving but they didn't, so we reluctantly waved Ian off this morning back home to work. Now he is 3 hours away and labour was fairly quick with Charlie, so we're hoping he makes it back in time to catch number two. I love that catching Charlie is one of his proudest moments and I can read it all over his face whenever he tells people.

I just need to trust this baby that it will come at the exact right time for it, when it's ready. With Charlie coming early I just never thought we'd be here!


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  1. Hope that it all goes beautifully Maggie, and that Ian makes it there. Your baby must be waiting for the weather to cool down! xx