Monday, September 7, 2009

Mud City

I have to say I am more accustomed to fair weather camping, and not the sort that turns the ground into one big skate-able mud rink.

it rained Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday. However, there were temporary non-rainy spells and it didn't rain on Saturday night...

which was great, because we got to have one helluva campfire that warmed us all up nicely.

the benefit of the weekend was that the Mr got to get out and have a burn on his beloved. And I earned a stack of brownie points for going along.

things we learned...
1. we need to get a new tent, as ours is not waterproof any longer (I'm very excited about this, it's kind of like shopping for a new house).
2. gum boots are the footwear of choice for muddy camping.
3. rain ponchos should be in our camping kit (they now will be).
4. there is such a thing as heater attachments for gas bottles and some campers use them to heat their tents.
5. when camping anywhere near the longest overland conveyor belt in the world you will hear it like the constant drone of a freeway at peak hour.

hope you all had a less muddy weekend (unless of course that is what you like)

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