Sunday, March 6, 2016

Project 52, Week 9

Ian was away for a night doing a mercy dash to the chiropractor for his back, and then worked the weekend to make up for it. We had another Saturday night without power from a thunderstorm. I am pleased with myself for not doing what I did last time that exact thing happened. I still have not had an alcoholic beverage since that incident. Pain is a powerful motivator!

I'm worried about wasting time getting sidetracked by a FarmVille/Nemo's Reef game on the iPad, this one Charlie wanted, it is all about dragons..... thankfully we deleted that game and I don't have to use any self restraint in keeping myself away from it. It's the only way it works for me.
Ian was away again for meetings in Perth and a review of his sleep apnea at the Sleep Centre. Yep, he still needs it. We were hoping his weight loss would have improved things. It has helped with the frequency and ferocity of his snoring though but he doesn't snore using the CPAP.

But the major event for me this week was having to decide how to handle our five year old punching me. We try and stay away from punishments and rewards but I was so upset by the event. Not just the fact that my boy hit me but then all the worries and fears that I'm doing a terrible parenting job and raising an arsehole. So upsetting I made myself sick. Anyway, we are on a total electronics ban for a week.

I think I need to reread some of my parenting books.


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  1. A lot here sound a lot like me. How to deal with situations that are important, be it time or parenting. All I can do is hope your choices are the right ones. The only problem there is you have to make them before you know if they are right. GOOD LUCK, I know you will make the right choices and all for the right reasons.
    Love from ME