Sunday, March 20, 2016

Project 52, Week 11

Slack on the photo taking this week, only 3 days!

Had my first weekend to Perth for the year. So proud of myself for sticking to my resolution of not making so many trips this year. We went for a family reunion and my Dad's birthday. We also met friends for a picnic breakfast at the beach who also happened to have their birthday on Saturday. I have wanted to make it to the Sculptures by the Beach at Cottesloe for a few years and I finally made it, though I don't think any of my pictures do it justice. Next time I will have to be more dedicated and be there for sunrise and the pretty light.

It was off to Beverley during the week for Great Grand Poppa Will's funeral. A beautiful goodbye.

Sculpture by the Sea 2016-8
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-7
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-6
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-5
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-4
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-3
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-2
Sculpture by the Sea 2016-1

I hope you had good week!

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  1. Nice photos. It was an enjoyable big weekend. The farewell was a grand affair.
    Love from ME