Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project 52, Week 10

Another weekend full of cousins and Grandma which is always a delight, with sparkler fun if they're lucky. Unfortunately we got the phone call on Sunday morning that sadly but expectedly Ian's Grandfather passed away. Then it was a short week for school with the labour day long weekend and a staff development day.

I actually enjoyed Charlie's electronics ban and not having the idiot box on all the time. Ah the serenity! The little man has taken his ban very well and I'm happy to see he does still know how to play without a screen. We will be starting back with the iPad with some new rules and limitations, but I would just love to continue with a blanket ban. I don't think he'd take that quite so well however.

And I've been a little sad, I think I've worked out part of the reason. I'm turning 40 this year which I'm not thrilled about, though I'm happy to have another birthday as the alternative is not life. Anyway, in an effort to save money I have stopped a couple of beauty treatments/maintenance and I think unfortunately it has been false economy in a way, because as much I believe beauty is only skin deep and not who I really am etc. etc. it makes me a little sad when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see.  Now if only I could be bothered to put makeup on maybe it would be ok, but that means being organised and washing it off at night! I have made contact with a BAI brow artist and just taking that first step has made me happy.

I hope you enjoyed last weekends extra day!


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  1. I hope your BAI brow artist does the trick. We really can not fool our self, can we, but I think you are beautiful. Do other peoples opinions count? : ) Love from ME