Saturday, August 17, 2013


June 2013 Mosaic

:: cutting first two teeth
:: bowling green warming
:: Scott and his caravan
:: first ever family photo session (and not the family I made but the family I came from!)
:: packing up the father in laws house in Gingin - sold!
:: walks about town with Charlie on his trike. So cute.
:: the big snip

I've had this post (with out photos) ready to go since early July!! I was feeling slightly organised, ha! Another drink got spilled on my beloved laptop, this time my fault (an alcoholic beverage on a Friday afternoon) and it finally gave up the ghost. I am on a new to me iMac but I haven't loaded it with my timemachine backup of the laptop yet. Still googling how to get it back to factory settings/looking for my operating system disk...

Anyway, heaps to share, and I am one step closer to organisation, I've had my very first dishwasher for a week now and I am in love!



  1. New dishwasher, oh hooray! I am still completely in love with mine a few months into the relationship, I'm sure you will feel very much the same way! Poor old laptop. Hopefully this one avoids the liquids better.

  2. We are six months into our relationship with our first ever dishwasher and believe me, the love never dies! My laptop is on its last legs too - it only works with the screen at a certain angle and we are trying to postpone the day we need to replace it.