Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I received my first woven wrap in the post* a couple of weeks ago and I am in love! Every day I have Mia up in this wrap. I started her off in a hugabub which was lovely for her newborn stage and which I honestly thought I wouldn't find anything I'd prefer more. That was until I met the girls from the wheatbelt baby wearers group. They introduced me to the addicting world of woven wraps and there is no going back, it's a whole other world of baby wearing, I wish I'd known about it with Charlie.  At least I had the hugabub with him and a couple of other carriers too.

I'm teaching myself new carries off YouTube until the next meeting when the girls can show me in person. I especially love the back carries for having Mia close but out of the way while I do housework. It's very practical, but also so fun!!! Lots of exclamations because I'm really loving it that much it's making me wish Mia would always stay little so I could wrap her or that Ian's vasectomy fails ;)
I got an Ergo the week Mia was born thinking that Charlie might want to be carried again once he saw the new baby being worn, but he hasn't unfortunately (just like I couldn't entice him back on the boob!). Well it came in handy for Granddad to take Mia for me while I went in for day surgery anyway and it's great for putting on quickly.

Do you have any experience baby wearing? Do you love it? Did it save your sanity?


*they call it fluffy mail :)
I bought cherry lace (the woven wrap) from the lovely Natalie at Woven Wraps Australia and desert rose (the ring sling) from the wonderful Jane at PixieMama. Both are Lenny Lamb brand and they both arrived on the same day!


  1. They are gorgeous Maggie! I am not letting myself buy any more though... I love the back carry you have Mia in - what's it called? I'll look up the YouTube clip! xx

    1. It is a double hammock with a tibetan tie(?) on chest. It is so comfy, a great carry!