Sunday, June 30, 2013

We've Taken The Lid Off

We borrowed a loader and a tip truck for the cost of a carton of beer on the weekend and pulled all the cement tiles off the roof. I thought all the demo work had been done, I was wrong, it should be now, there's nothing left to rip out. Even the floor has been pulled up. That makes me a bit sad. We had old jarrah hardwood floors which are now firewood.

When Ian pulled the carpet up he started in the corner where we had a bit of a water issue and he found white ants (apparently they like a drink with their wood). To be safe he pulled up the whole floor so the pest inspector could check the subfloor structure. Turns out this is unnecessary, they just cut inspection holes through the floor for that, and there were no more ants to be found. Ian does not seem concerned, but I've wanted a hardwood floor for years, ever since high school and my friend Sasha's house, and there's the added expense of replacing the floor :( Anywhoo... moving on.

Ian is feeling very sore after a weekend on the roof (and he doesn't like heights!). And we're hoping for rain around here, for the farmers mostly but also to wash all the dust off our rafters. Here's to rebuilding!


1 comment:

  1. Oh how disappointing about the floor! Hopefully you can get your hardwood floor back in the end, even if it needs to be a new one. I agree, wooden floorboards are just delightful!

    Love the country for the lending of big machinery and the likes for beer. So convenient.