Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Snip

Mia Mosaic

While I was pregnant with Mia I was pretty sure it would be my last pregnancy. The first two trimesters were uncomfortable, I feel like I'm getting too old (36), our first baby was a lot of work etc. etc. But Mia is such an easy baby and I'm not struggling at all, I actually feel like I'm getting better at this mothering thing! So now I'm not so sure... I'm still fairly certain, but I have this strange feeling now that the Mr's vasectomy is only a month away.

When we only had Charlie I felt so lucky that I would have been happy stopping at one. Now that we have Mia I'm so enchanted and in love with her I feel like I dodged a bullet, but in the opposite way if that makes any sense? The bullet of not having her. I could have decided not to have another baby. That thought scares me. Now I'm wondering... how do you know for sure?!



  1. TO BE OR NOT TO BE? It is a dilemma we have all faced. Good luck with your decision and cae ser rah ser rah. Mia is looking lovely. : ) Love from ME

  2. As a mama whose husband would have happily stopped at two babies I feel so very blessed that I got to have the four little ones I always dreamed of. I never knew with each baby if they would be my last, but I am so glad that they weren't. My midwife said to me once that you never regret a baby you have had, only the ones you didn't. So if you are having doubts - speak them! xx